Tackling child sexual abuse

In this outspoken and challenging book, Sarah Nelson argues that progress in addressing childhood sexual abuse has been in fearful or complacent retreat and that change is urgently needed in order to prevent abuse occurring, and to better support survivors. From this starting point, she puts forward radical suggestions for new models of practice. These are designed to provide perpetrator-focussed child protection, to encourage community approaches to prevention, and to better support those who have survived abuse. As revelations of widespread child abuse continue to emerge at an unprecedented rate, this book campaigns for change, offering policy makers and practitioners solutions for new ways in tackling sexual abuse, working alongside survivors to reduce its prevalence and impact.

Tackling Child Sexual Abuse

Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Strategy 2021

Tackling Child Neglect

With contributions from internationally recognized experts, this edited volume presents original thinking on the theory, research and practice surrounding child neglect. Comprehensive and current, the book takes an expansive look at how we can better address this prevalent issue. It explores the effects of neglect on the developing child and makes recommendations on how to identify neglect at the earliest opportunity. It considers common causal and contributing factors in neglect cases and the impact of these on children. The book details effective intervention techniques alongside case vignettes and shows how change can be achieved. It highlights the importance of supporting parental care and developing parental responsibility in families where children are neglected. Chapters provide in-depth descriptive examples and include a summary of learning points. Including practical suggestions for combating child neglect, this is an essential guide to best practice for students and practitioners working with children and families. The book also contains useful insights relevant to researchers and policy makers.

Coping with Child Sexual Abuse

Tackling Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse and the Internet

Sexual crime through the Internet poses a major new challenge to everyone working in the child sexual abuse field. This title, edited by Martin C. Calder, a Child Protection Co-ordinator, examines in detail this topic.

Tackling Child Abuse

Every child has the right to grow up in a caring and safe environment, but unfortunately this does not always happen. This book looks at different kinds of abuse, the debate about smacking, and the problem of child sex abuse.

An Integrated Systems Model for Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

This book sets out an integrated systems model which utilizes a public health approach and 'whole of society' philosophy for preventing and responding to child sexual abuse. It guides those engaged in policy, practice and planning concerning gender based violence and child abuse towards a more systemic approach to tackling these problems.

The First International Conference in Africa on Child Sexual Abuse

Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse

This evidence-based book draws on a range of research projects to present what is known about the experience of survivors of violence and abuse; what is known to work in their treatment and care, what is required to protect them and what can be done to stop abusers.

A Situational Analysis on Child Sexual Abuse in Zambia

An Overview of Issues and Concerns Related to the Sexual Abuse of Children in Canada

Preventing Sexual Abuse

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The Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

Survey of Current Affairs

Anchors in Floating Lives

"Taking account of the commercial sexual exploitation of children and young people (male or female - up to age 18) and the selling or 'swapping' of sexual 'favours' for some form of reward, as well as the production, sale, marketing and possession of pornographic material involving children; the distribution of pornographic pictures of children over the internet; and trafficking in children - this book addresses: how these commercial practices have come about; how young people become involved; what subsequently ensnares them; what needs to be done in practice in order to respond effectively to the young people's needs; what we have learned about what should not be done."--BOOK JACKET.

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