Diverticulitis Diet Manual

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Page : 36 pages

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Diverticulitis is an illness of the diverticula. When pouches appear in your intestine, and they get inflamed, it is called diverticulitis. However, if these pouches get infected, it can lead to pains and discomfort. But you do not have to go through such pains associated with this disease. So, you need this book to get the right information on diverticulitis diet guide and the pain free foods that will heal your body and eliminate painful diverticulitis flare ups. In this guide book, you will learn: -Diverticulosis vs. Diverticulitis-Causes of diverticulitis-Signs and symptoms of diverticulitis-Diverticulitis Complications-Perforation-Abscess and Phlegmon-Bowel Obstruction-Rectal Bleeding-Fistula-Peritonitis-Risk Factors for Diverticulitis Complications-Treatment Options available for treating Diverticulitis-How to prevent diverticulitis-Proven ways to prevent diverticulitis-Solutions to Diverticulitis-Diet Phases for diverticulitis-Phase 1-Phase 2-Phase 3-Phase 4-Phase 5-Phase 1 Details-Broths-The benefit of bone broth for diverticulitis recovery-How to make a bone broth-Gelatin-What makes gelatin useful for diverticulitis?-How gelatin improves your health during Diverticulitis-How to make your own Gelatin-Foods to avoid on Phase 1-Phase 2 Details-Yogurt-Some facts about yogurt-Nutritional value for diverticulitis-Types of yogurt that is safe for you to consume-Kefir-Greek yogurt-Skyr-The benefits of Yoghurt to the recovery phase-Incorporating yogurt in your diverticulitis diet-How to make homemade yogurt-Here are 6 basic steps that are suitable for making homemade yogurt for your phase 2 diet-Foods to avoid in phase 2-Phase 3 details-Foods to avoid in phase 3-DIET GUIDE FOR DIVERTICULITIS-Foods to eat-Foods to avoid-Lifestyle changes for diverticulitis-Natural remedies and supplements to cure/treat diverticulitis

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