Eat, Move, Sleep, Repeat

Publisher : Meyer & Meyer Sport

ISBN-13 : 1782558241

Page : 360 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 241 voters

Every day we are bombarded with new exercise and nutrition programs we are told guarantee weight loss and improved health and fitness. Rarely do these gimmicks work because often the latest fad diet, usually in combination with the latest fad exercise regimen, is rarely based on scientific evidence. As a result, you either don't see results, or you cannot sustain what is likely an unhealthy, boring diet and unsuitable fitness program. Eat, Move, Sleep, Repeat is very different. As a Healthy Lifestyle Guidebook, it provides a scientific, evidence-based rationale for selecting certain diets and forms of physical activity that will help you • achieve effective body fat and body weight loss; • develop a personalized weight loss plan; • follow a healthy balanced diet; • improve sleep quality; • avoid common illnesses; • keep senses and organs healthy; and • determine what exercise suits your lifestyle best. Meant for every fitness goal, fitness level, and occupation, Eat, Move, Sleep, Repeat provides a program using evidence-based guidelines on how to establish a healthy lifestyle that will promote better quality of life with reduced risk of chronic disease and extended longevity. Live long and healthy with Eat, Move, Sleep, Repeat!

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