Food Allergies: a Recipe for Success at School

Publisher : Author House

ISBN-13 : 1477229191

Page : 340 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 191 voters

Too many children are having allergic reactions and anaphylaxis at school, often as a result of a lack of preparation and understanding. Each reaction is traumatic for the student who experiences it, for those who witness it, and for school staff who treat the child in the throes of this life threatening event. This important and comprehensive book presents straightforward information and recommendations for managing food allergies at school. Specifically covered are: ? A general overview of food allergies, including treatment and current research. ? A 3-Step Plan for school food allergy management. ? The process involved to develop a school district life threatening allergy policy. ? A thorough explanation of the laws that protect food-allergic students. ? The emotional impact of food allergies, including recommendations to support healthy coping strategies for the child and family. ? Practical tools, such as an Individual Healthcare Plan form, and a template for Recommended Standards for School Food Allergy Management. ? Highlighted excerpts written by parents and professionals offering their insights and experiences with food allergies. This book is required reading for parents and school personnel who are faced with the challenge of keeping children with food allergies safe at school.

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