No Outsiders Allowed

Publisher : Jessica Lynch Writes LLC

ISBN-13 :

Page : 738 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from voters

No outsiders allowed—in Hamlet, the small town where everyone knows your name and, even so, no one is safe. No Outsiders Allowed: IV-VI is a box set containing books 4, 5, and 6 in the Hamlet series. Hamlet, tucked between a valley and a mountain, and with a population of less than two hundred, is an isolated town off the grid. There's no phones, no internet, no television... and it's the best place for a young woman on the run to hide out from her obsessed stalker. Or so she thinks... This set includes: I'll Never Stop (Hamlet #4) Grace Delaney was flattered when she caught the eye of billionaire playboy, Thomas Mathers. What seemed like the perfect man quickly becomes the perfect threat when his obsessive behaviors and stalking nature go too far. With his wealth and his power, there's no escaping him—until her neighbor tells her all about a small town where anyone can go to hide. Despite knowing that Tommy is after her, she moves to Hamlet and falls for the local deputy, Rick Hart, a man with his own demons. Will the two find happiness together when her possessive ex swears that he'll never stop? Wherever You Go (Hamlet #5) Natalie Newton is the sole female deputy for the Hamlet Sheriff Department. A Hamlet local, born and bred, she thought her only chance at happiness was with another local—until he went and got engaged to an outsider. Now, alone and weary in a small town that has closed its borders to any new visitors, Natalie spends her days trying to find excitement in her job. Which she does, when Kade McAllister stumbles his way into Hamlet. But is his sudden arrival as unexpected as it seems? Here Comes the Bride (Hamlet #6) It's time for a wedding in Hamlet! More than a year after the events of I'll Never Stop, Grace Delaney and Rick Hart are getting ready to walk down the aisle. Tommy is no longer a threat, but when it seems that someone is sabotaging their wedding in increasingly more dangerous ways, the pair begins to wonder if there were still be a wedding at all.

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