Science and its Publics

Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN-13 : 1527565505

Page : 210 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 505 voters

The relationship between science and its publics has concerned commentators since science itself began. Yet in recent years, questions of how—and how should—science and society interact have come to particular prominence. A field of practice, initially dubbed ‘public understanding of science’ and later rebranded as ‘public engagement with science and technology’, has blossomed. But although academic studies have informed the development of this practical field, to date there has been little opportunity to take stock of the full breadth and variety of academic analyses of science communication. In an attempt to reveal the richness of the nascent field of science communication studies, this volume presents critical interdisciplinary analyses of some of the many ways in which science intersects with its publics. From children’s science books to computer advertising, news media to lab talk, public engagement to science fiction—the sites, modes and meanings of public science are explored. Contributions draw on historical, cultural, science and media studies. All, however, follow science through popular culture, taking critical science studies out of the lab and into society.

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