Parental Control of Television Broadcasting

Publisher : Routledge

ISBN-13 : 1135677689

Page : 344 pages

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This project, originally developed for the European Community, examines parental roles in controlling television programs watched by children in Europe. The structure of the study includes: *an analysis of the technical devices available to assist in parental control of television broadcasting services, including descriptions of devices, their cost, availability, and the infrastructure needed to introduce them; *a corresponding analysis of potential ratings or labeling systems to work in conjunction with or in the place of technical devices, enabling a comparative analysis of rating systems used in film, video, and online services; and *an overview and assessment of the educational and awareness measures in the field of protection of minors and harmful content, providing the data for the review of available considerations in this field of viewer literacy. In addition to these main strands of analysis, the study provides for background information and analysis in the following areas: *an overview of the main media theories focusing on the effect and impact of specific types of content on children and their behavior; *an assessment of the economic impact and social efficacy of different protective measures; and *a comparison of the regulatory contexts and rating systems for film, video, television, and online services concerning the protection of minors from harmful content. This volume is intended for scholars and students in comparative media studies, media policy, and regulation.

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