The Super Analysts

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

ISBN-13 :

Page : 448 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from voters

The Super Analysts Conversations with the World's Leading Stock Market Investors and Analysts The Super Analysts covers the full spectrum of the world's equities markets and includes interviews with fund managers and analysts from around the globe. This is a book dedicated to understanding how some of the world's top professionals approach the challenge of making money out of stocks, their methods and philosophies. "In Buddhism, sitting at the feet of the master is well understood as the most effective way to learn. Investment professionals have no such mantra and it is unusual for the "stars" to share their experiences and approaches. In this book, Andrew Leeming has interviewed the world's leading investors and analysts to understand how they managed to achieve great success. With the spread of publicly available information-in particular via the Internet-adding value, interpreting and utilising this information is critical in the investment process. These interviews allow the reader to benefit from the experiences of experts and will act as a guide which is as effective as sitting at their feet. This book is insightful and an essential read for all interested in investing." - David Robins Chairman & CEO ING Barings "Andrew Leeming has put together a series of great in-depth interviews with a wide gamut of investors that pose intelligent questions and get intelligent answers. It's a great and easy read for anyone seriously interested in how stock market professionals work day in and day out." - Rob Ferguson Chairman BT Funds Management "In this day of all-star research teams, when short-term performance is sometimes carried to irrational extremes, it's refreshing to hear that some of the best stock-pickers think success boils down to such fundamental issues as discipline, a healthy dose of skepticism.and humility! If you're thinking of a career in financial services, a manager trying to deal with the market's insatiable appetite for information, or, just an average investor, there's a gold mine of common sense in these insightful interviews." - John T. Olds Vice-Chairman and CEO DBS Group Holdings Ltd

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