The Tragic History of the Sea, 1589-1622

Publisher : Taylor & Francis

ISBN-13 : 1317013743

Page : 312 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 743 voters

Edited from the original Portuguese and translated. The narratives by Diogo do Couto, João Baptista Lavanha and Francisco Vaz d'Almada, translated from the original editions of accounts which were subsequently included in the 'História Trágico-Marítima' edited by Bernardo Gomes de Brito at Lisbon in 1735-6. The introduction and appendices discuss the 'Carreira da Índia'. For a further selection from the same source, see Second Series 132. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1959. Owing to technical constraints it has not been possible to reproduce the sketch map of 'Figure 1:The Carreira da India, 1589-1622' which faced the first page of the book in the first edition.

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