Therapy of Social Medicine

Publisher : Springer

ISBN-13 : 9812877487

Page : 253 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 487 voters

This book introduces novel and groundbreaking theories on social medicine, social medicine therapy and pharmacogelotology. Aimed at improving the global health care system in terms of cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the research included in this book represents a paradigm shift from traditional drugs to social medicine. Tracing the history of social medicine, from Natural Healing Power (NHP), Oriental Medicine’s vitalism, to Homeostasis (Natural Healing Strength) and Reciprocity (Social Healing Strength), the book first focuses on laying the theoretical foundations. It then highlights how social medicine can be specialized into various social medicine therapies (i.e., aromatherapy, stone therapy, diet therapy, exercise therapy, light therapy, etc.), just like stem cells. This is followed by arguments that 21st century pharmacy should be a harmonious system where the replacement of traditional drug products (i.e., herbal, chemical, and biological products) with new social medicine takes precedence. To that end, the author focuses on the '4+2 system' with 4 representing diet, body, stress, and facial-image control, and 2 representing the complementary and alternative medical methods of evacuation(-) and filling(+). In the context of pharmacogelotology, the book then goes on to present findings on theories of laughter and laughter therapy practices, which are systematically examined and described in detail. Finally, it calls for the development of social-medicine structures by governments that aim to help local authorities use their resources effectively, and for local governments to establish the long-term planning on social-medicine therapy for healthy ageing.

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