A Bloody Week

The Battle of Arnhem was a major World War II battle at the vanguard of the Allied Operation Market Garden, the dramatic but unsuccessful campaign fought by the British Army in the Netherlands from 17 to 25 September 1944. This was the first-time airborne troops were used by the Allies on such a scale, and the objective was a series of nine bridges that might have provided an Allied invasion route into Germany. Airborne and Land Forces successfully liberated Eindhoven and Nijmegen but were thwarted by the Nazis at the Battle of Arnhem, in their efforts to secure the last bridge over the River Rhine. Only a small British force was able to reach the Arnhem Road Bridge but was overwhelmed by Nazi defenders and, after nine days of fighting, the shattered remains of the Division were withdrawn. The British 1st Airborne Division lost most of its strength and didn’t see combat again. What is less well known in this famous saga, however, is the vital contribution of hundreds of Irish soldiers from a host of backgrounds, with a mixture of experience and range of ranks. Men from the north of Ireland and men from the south gave their all to this Allied campaign, and in A Bloody Week, their dramatic story is finally being told.

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

The classic week-by-week guide to a happy, healthy pregnancy--celebrating over 30 years of expert advice! Doctors recommend it and pregnant couples rely on it--and you and your partner will find it indispensable! For over thirty years, Dr. Glade B. Curtis and Judith Schuler have helped millions of parents-to-be navigate and prepare for the most exciting and challenging time of their lives--and now they'll help you. With Your Pregnancy's signature week-by-week format, including illustrations of your baby, you'll easily and comfortably follow your baby's development as it grows during these exciting 40 weeks. Whether you're a first-time parent just learning to navigate pregnancy or an experienced pro, Your Pregnancy Week by Week is the perfect, comprehensive resource to guide you through your pregnancy. In this eighth edition, Dr. Curtis and Schuler address today's most pressing questions and concerns, including: Detailed descriptions and illustrations of baby's development Information on medical tests and procedures Tips on nutrition, your overall health and how it affects your growing baby Safe and easy weekly exercises to help you stay in shape Covering a wide range of new topics such as elective delivery, electronic cigarettes, pregorexia, salt-therapy spas, belly bands before and after pregnancy, and men preparing for pregnancy, Your Pregnancy Week by Week makes sure you and your partner will have everything you need to know at your fingertips--for this pregnancy and for any to follow.

The Week-end Omnibus, Containing Three Novels

The Paris Commune

This comprehensive history--based in primary source accounts--of worker's control in Paris considers historic and contemporary debates on the Commune's legacy

A Week in Winter

'Set in a country house hotel on the West coast of Ireland it's full of her trademark warmth, humour and lovable character' Woman 'This is a book designed to be read in a dark January chill; it begs for a fireside and the sound of wind and rain howling outside ... If you haven't come across her before, you've got a real treat in store' The Lady The Sheedy sisters had lived in Stone House for as long as anyone could remember. Set high on the cliffs on the west coast of Ireland, overlooking the windswept Atlantic Ocean, it was falling into disrepair - until one woman, with a past she needed to forget, breathed new life into the place. Now a hotel, with a big warm kitchen and log fires, it provides a welcome few can resist. Winnie is generally able to make the best of things, until she finds herself on the holiday from hell. John arrived on an impulse after he missed a flight at Shannon. And then there's Henry and Nicola, burdened with a terrible secret, who are hoping the break at Stone House will help them find a way to face the future...

A Week's Preparation for the Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper ... By G. S. [or rather, G. B.?] D.D.

A Week's Exercise, Preparatory Towards a Worthy Reception of the Lord's Supper

Six Weeks on the Throne: The Tale of a Stowaway

The true story of a 19 year-old California surfer who stows away on two passenger liners and circumnavigates the world in 79 days. Tag along as he learns the lessons of shipboard survival and how to circumvent Immigration, Customs, and port security officials. Join the stowaway as he poses as a passenger during the day...and sleeps in shipboard restrooms at night! Travel with him on SS Iberia from Hawaii to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, the Suez Canal, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, and the ship's final destination, England. Discover, as he does, that there's only one dangerous way to finally get ashore undetected. Join him throughout Britain as he searches desperately to find a way back to the States without having a passport or even a driver's license. And come aboard once again as he stows away on SS Canberra to cross the Atlantic and finally reach home. Twelve action-packed chapters and an epilogue provide a first-hand account of a truly remarkable coming-of-age story.

Two Weeks in the Sun

Stone cold innocent. Stone cold dead. Someone, somewhere is confessing to being a serial killer. But why and to whom? A young man is found shot dead. An unusual enough occurrence in the bustling town of Milton Keynes. But it’s the nature of the crime that really stands out: A note is literally pinned through his chest. A note that proclaims him to be a rapist. When DCI Rose McPhail begins her investigation into this strange murder, she finds that the victim has never been arrested for or convicted of any crime. But before she can begin to piece the puzzle together another victim is discovered. With scant evidence to work with a growing sense of despair tells her that there will almost certainly be more murders. Now facing a desperate race against time, a nagging thought won’t leave her alone. A thought that fills her with horror: The killer could be closer to home than she dare believe. Fans of Colin A Millar will know he writes faced paced and intriguing crime thrillers where nothing is ever quite what it seems. This, the first book in the new Rose McPhail series, delivers on all fronts.

The New Week's Preparation for a Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper, Improved, as Recommended and Appointed by the Church of England, Etc

Journal of the American Medical Association

Includes proceedings of the Association, papers read at the annual sessions, and list of current medical literature.

The Last Four Weeks of the Civil War

This book is a collection of accounts by War Correspondents and newspaper articles created during the last four weeks of the Civil War. Edmund Hatcher, a former Union Soldier with Company C, 62nd Ohio Infantry, developed a desire to know more of what happened than he had personally seen. He began a quest to obtain files from both northern and southern newspapers covering the last four weeks of the war, a time when historic events rapidly occurred that forever changed America. From the fall of Richmond and the pursuit of Lee's Army to the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse and the assassination of President Lincoln, you can read the accounts of all the events from both Union and Confederate perspectives. This collection was originally published by Mr. Hatcher in 1891 and was a great read then. It is still a great read for anyone with an interest in the Civil War. These accounts and other items of interest added by Badgley Publishing Company are illustrated with over 100 photographs from the time period. This book is part of the Historical Collection of Badgley Publishing Company and has been transcribed from the original. The original contents have been edited and corrections have been made to original printing, spelling and grammatical errors when not in conflict with the author's intent to portray a particular event or interaction. Annotations have been made and additional contents have been added by Badgley Publishing Company in order to clarify certain historical events or interactions and to enhance the author's content. Photos and illustrations from the original have been touched up, enhanced and sometimes enlarged for better viewing. Additional illustrations and photos have been added by Badgley Publishing Company.

52 Weeks and Counting...

China is a successfull businesswoman who worked her way to the top the old-fashioned way; through hard-work, dedication and the retirement of her most precious sexual gem. But she meets Malcolm and he puts her loyalty to the test. Tabitha is a little girl trapped in the body of her imaginary friend, Bobby. But is Bobby really her friend or her abuser? Trampled by love over and over, and bearing the emotional scars to prove it, a women finally finds Mr. Perfect and love but is stood up by the man of her dreams. Will she let this dream be a reality of her former nightmares? And due to checkout at any time, a man's wife is battling cancer. In his mind, she will not be here much longer to hold him and love him the way she had for so many years. Who will be there to love him and motivate him and even console him when she is gone? He lets other ladies ease his mind and stroke his ego among other things. At last... my love has come along.... He just knew they were going to be the next first family until the unthinkable happens. The wife of an over-worked politician has an affair, has a baby outside the marriage and the family is falling apart. In a church world, many secrets surround the sanctuary, primarily in the pulpit. Boggled by guilt, Bishop McFoster wants to reveal his secret, right before offering time, but is shot to death before he can. These collections of short stories, plus more, reveal what happens next in their lives...one year later.

Sonata Form

Love, and war—and dragons! "A sweet standalone romantic fantasy... richly imagined." -- Publisher's Weekly Old Forge is known for its dragons—savage little things, more singe than snarl—and Milo Priddy is known for his way with them. When rumblings of conflict appear on the horizon, the dragons start to disappear. Milo is dragonkin, and knows what he must do. It is an uneasy choice, and one he dares not reveal even to his lover, Ellis. As leader of neighbouring Wellech, Ellis has his own hard choices. His skills are crucial to a secure homeland. More and more, the homeland he and Milo once hoped to share is under threat--not only from outside, but within. For their own people are sowing mistrust of the magic users, seeding a betrayal of not only the dragons, but their kin.

The Struggle for Equality

This collection of essays, organized around the theme of the struggle for equality in the United States during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, also serves to honor the renowned Civil War historian James McPherson. Complete with a brief interview with the celebrated scholar, this volume reflects the best aspects of McPherson's work, while casting new light on the struggle that has served as the animating force of his lifetime of scholarship. With a chronological span from the 1830s to the 1960s, the contributions bear witness to the continuing vigor of the argument over equality. Contributors


One of the most dramatic chapters in the history of nineteenth-century Europe, the Commune of 1871 was an eclectic revolutionary experiment that held power in Paris across eight weeks between 18 March and 28 May. Its brief rule ended in 'Bloody Week' - the brutal massacre of as many as 15,000 Parisians, and perhaps even more, who perished at the hands of the provisional government's forces. By then, the city's boulevards had been torched and its monuments toppled. More than 40,000 Parisians were investigated, imprisoned or forced into exile - a purging of Parisian society by a conservative national government whose supporters were considerably more horrified by a pile of rubble than the many deaths of the resisters. In this gripping narrative, John Merriman explores the radical and revolutionary roots of the Commune, painting vivid portraits of the Communards - the ordinary workers, famous artists and extraordinary fire-starting women - and their daily lives behind the barricades, and examining the ramifications of the Commune on the role of the state and sovereignty in France and modern Europe. Enthralling, evocative and deeply moving, this narrative account offers a full picture of a defining moment in the evolution of state terror and popular resistance.

A Matter of Weeks Rather Than Months

Founded on 35 years of research into o the post-1945 Anglo-Rhodesian history, this book complements Richard Wood's The Welensky Papers: A History of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland: 1953-1963 (1983) and So Far and No Further! Rhodesia's bid for independence during the retreat from empire: 1959-1965 (2005). Of So Far, Michael Hartnack wrote that 'Once in a lifetime comes a book which must force a total shift in the thinking person's perception of an epoch, and of all the prominent characters who featured in it.' A Matter of Weeks Rather than Months recounts the action and reaction to Ian Smith's unilateral declaration of Rhodesia's independence, the second such declaration since the American one of 1776. It examines the dilemmas of both sides. Smith's problem was how to legitimise his rebellion to secure crucial investment capital, markets, trade and more. His antagonist, the British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, was determined not to transfer sovereignty until Rhodesia accepted African majority rule in common with the rest of Africa. Given British feelings for their Rhodesian kith and kin and Rhodesia's landlocked position, Wilson eschewed the use of force. He could only impose sanctions but hoped they would defeat Smith 'in a matter weeks rather than months'. The Rhodesians, however, evaded the sanctions with such success that they forced Wilson to negotiate a settlement. Negotiations were nevertheless doomed because the self-confident Rhodesians would not accept a period of direct British rule while rapid progress to majority rule was made or the imposition of restraints on powers they had possessed since gaining self-government in 1923. In tune with their allies in the African National Congress of South Africa, the Rhodesian or Zimbabwean African nationalists had already adopted the Marxist concept of the 'Armed Struggle' as a means to power. Sponsored by the Communist Bloc, its surrogates and allies, they began a series of armed incursions from their safe haven in Zambia. Although bloodily and easily repulsed, they would learn from their mistakes as the Rhodesian forces would discover in the 1970s. Consequently, this is a tale of sanctions, negotiations and counter-insurgency warfare.

Handle with Care

In this heart-breaking, inspirational memoir, Rochelle nurses her beloved mother through a terminal brain tumour. With sensitivity and enormous emotional depth, Handle with Care provides a window into the life of a young carer. When her mum falls seriously ill, 25-year-old Rochelle decides to give up her new job and move home to become her mother's full-time carer and look after her sisters. After the initial diagnosis of a stroke gives way to one of terminal cancer, Rochelle cares for her mother through her illness - helping her as the illness makes everyday life increasingly difficult - and remaining by her side when she passes away. And then, while still grieving, Rochelle must find her way back into the world again. A moving, painfully honest account, Handle with Care is a book about the agony of loss and the transformative power of grief, as well as an emotional handbook for anyone who has lost a loved one.

The Old Week's Preparation Towards a Worthy Receiving of the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Edited by W. F.

A Week's Preparation towards a Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper ... The fiftieth edition, corrected ... and enlarged by a Clergyman of London